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There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Garena free fire battle game is one of the most dynamic games out there available for people to play on their mobile devices.

The games required the player to fight against various other players in order to become the final winner after crossing the respective levels. The features of this game include solo mode as well as a squad mode in which you can play along with other players as well. The major goal which is always on the mind of the player is survival, throughout.

It is not an easy task for one to cross all the levels of the Garena free fire battle and win the game. All that there is needed to be present in the game for one to win is the aim towards survival with regard to winning the game at last.

Don’t land in crowded places:                                                     

This is a rather known fact that at the initial stage of this game, the player won’t have a weapon in his/her possession. This automatically sets the very first goal for the players which is to collect the best weapons available. The list includes guns, grenade, medical kit, ammo, etc.

It is not a shooting game:

One thing the player needs to understand is that this game is not about showing off your respective shooting skills. The main aim at the end of the player should just be survival which means avoiding the enemies as much as it is possible for you. Looking for enemies as soon as the game starts is not a good choice in the game.

Use headphones:

If the player makes use of headphones while playing the game, it will enable the player to listen carefully to the advancements of the enemies, any shootings and vehicle driving in the surroundings as well. Detecting shooting will allow the player to take action before it is too late.